Your virtual assistant that drives your personal development through coaching conversations.


What can you achieve by chatting with Wiz.Coach?

Increase Capabilities

Grow as a person, learn new skills, and achieve profound change.


Improve relationships with other people and get to know yourself a little better. Face challenges calmly and confidently.

Emotional Intelligence

Reflect and exercise with Wiz.Coach to have more control over your emotions during crucial situations.


Your Wiz.Coach is available 24/7 to chat using the Executive Coaching methodology

You decide how many sessions to have, when to chat and what topic to learn about to successfully achieve your goals.

It's like having a journal that answers you, a non-judgmental friend, a very wise mentor, and a microphone for your conscience, all at the same time.

Record your progress and commitments.

Be aware of your stress level and the emotions you experience. Decide how to feel better.

Learn what it is like to speak with Wiz.Coach

Get the most out of each section.


Chat with Wiz

Tell Wiz Coach how you feel and what's wrong with you. Discover how to solve problems and learn about new skills that will make you feel better and be more successful.



Customize your experience. Define your goals, share with Wiz your hobbies and some personal preferences to design specific exercises for you.


Featured Posts

Save the messages, audio files, and exercises that you like the most so that you can quickly access them whenever you want.
Only keep selected what you want to highlight.



Follow up on your commitments, remember what you have learned. Analyze how you have been managing your stress and identify which emotions tend to creep up on you most often.



Let Wiz know that you have already got the answers you were looking for. It shortens the session.

What can Wiz.Coach do for your Organization?


Train the Talent

Wiz.Coach develops competencies through personalized conversations.
It offers exercises, tools and powerful questions which are useful for reflection.
It identifies the competency level, gives feedback, and provides resources for ongoing growth.


Show the Pulse of your Organization

Identifies and measures changes in emotionality, stress level and KPIs present in the minds of employees.


Lower your Stress levels

Reduces stress between 12% and 45%.
Helps manage feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, resentful, and fearful.
Resolves areas of opportunity identified in NOM035.


Listen to employees

Understands how a group or the entire organization is feeling.
Creates a direct and ongoing communication link.


About Us

The members of the Wiz.Coach team are entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and dreamers. Today the youngest is 21 years old and the one with the most accumulated youth has just turned 70. Men and women with diverse specialties, training and gifts. We share a goal: Help millions of people to be happier, more productive and create better work environments. We want all leaders to have a Wiz.Coach they can count on to resolve their personal and interpersonal issues. The authors of the content and learning methodology are: Carmen Duhne and Ana Maria Quintanilla Duhne.

Wiz.Coach is a Wisden Consulting project.

Although the Wiz.Coach project began in 2018, the authors' coaching knowledge and experience is more than 20 years old.
In 2002 they published “Mapas para el Observador” [“Maps for the Observer”], in 2007 “Coaching Ejecutivo” [“Executive Coaching”] and in 2018 “¿Cómo Carambas Motivo a Mi Equipo?” [“How on Earth do I Motivate My Team?”].
Since 2004 they have been sharing their knowledge in the Duhne Executive Coaching Certification program that they designed based on the practice and understanding of various currents. Gradually, more and more national and international civil society organizations and institutions have asked for support to transform the way their members think and act. The challenge was to find a way to deliver the same quality with warmth, maintain personalized, timely and also economical attention to democratize the benefits that coaching offers.


  • What is Wiz?

    It is a virtual assistant that helps you reflect on different personal and/or professional issues. It helps you achieve changes as an individual and in your work team. The expert coaches who designed the conversations chose the most recurring topics that clients ask for in their coaching sessions. The goal is that people who use it have more options for action to help them increase their well-being and effectiveness.

  • What is it for?

    To lower negative stress, make better decisions and develop human skills.

  • Does it really work?

    Yes. It only works with people who do want to learn and reflect. It works when people are honest with themselves.

  • What does a coach do?

    A coach asks questions that people don't normally ask themselves, which is why they create so much change.

  • Who is it for?

    It is for people who want to achieve positive changes in their personal and professional lives.

  • Is Wiz going to replace coaches, psychologists and therapists?

    No. Wiz could be a tool for clients of coaches, psychologists and therapists to get more out of their sessions as much of the reflective work can be advanced and the results would be more powerful.

  • Is everything I write confidential?

    Yes. Nobody will be reading your answers, only the system will use its logic to follow the conversation. Your data will be captured as statistical data to find trends in degrees of stress, type of conversation, and to obtain averages of time of use and rating that users give to the experience. The surveys that organizations send to their employees will also be registered as confidential, using only statistical data to improve the workplace environment.


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